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FiOS 50Mbps Internet + Custom TV + Phone
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$79.99/mo *
For 2 yrs. w/ 2-yr agmt plus taxes, equip. charges,
FDV & other fees
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Bundle & Save

Get up to $300 Visa® prepaid card with select Fios Triple Play plans w/ 2-yr agreement.

100% Off

Get 100% OFF for 12 months of
Premium Channels.

Verizon FiOS – The clear, cut leader in home entertainment.

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2-year price guarantee
Double play
$74.99/mo *
for 2 yrs. plus taxes, equip. charges, & other fees with 2-yr agreement
  • Over 150 channels
  • 25+ in HD
  • Choose between Kids channels, entertainment, lifestyles, sports, news channel packages and more!
Great for everyday browsing, email, shopping and social networking.
2-year price guarantee
More channels
Double play
$94.99/mo *
for 2 years, plus taxes, equip. charges, FDV & other fees with 2-yr agreement
  • Over 235 channels
  • 65 + in HD
  • All the must-have channels you need in unbeatable picture quality - backed by 100% fiber-optics.
Great for everyday browsing, email, shopping and social networking
2-year price guarantee
Most popular
Triple play
for 2 yrs. plus taxes, equip. charges, & other fees with 2-yr agreement
  • $300 Visa® prepaid card*
  • Included for 1 year:
    premium channels
  • Over 125 channels
  • 25+ in HD
  • Choose between Kids channels, entertainment, lifestyles, sports, news channel packages and more!
Upload and download in a flash. Plus, play games and stream videos virtually lag-free.
  • Unlimited local & regional calling
  • Unlimited long distance calling across the US and to Canada & Puerto Rico
verizon fios internet deals

Exceptional speed

With Verizon FiOS Internet deals, you'll spend less time waiting, less time buffering and more time playing and enjoying all the robust media you've grown to know and love. Experts agree that FiOS® network technology is the Gold Standard for Internet and entertainment delivery.

You'll have it all with the convenience of Wi-Fi2, which is included with your plan. Get the Internet speeds you crave with Verizon FiOS bundles and Verizon FiOS packages that can save you plenty of cash while providing you with the services you need most.

fiber-optic technology

Unbeatable picture quality

Get the TV service that is rated higher in customer satisfaction ahead of cable companies like Comcast, Cox, Charter, and others3. Experience TV on a whole new level. With the Verizon FiOS TV guide and Verizon FiOS On Demand, you can sift through hundreds of channels, enjoy thousands of TV shows and movies featuring your favorite stars all in spectacular quality.

Cutting edge technology in the privacy of your own home enhanced with high definition with the flexibility and freedom of DVR services make up what is Verizon TV. Online orders can be made at your convenience.

No-Surprises calling plans

What is FiOS digital voice? It’s an IP based phone service powered by the FiOS network. With advanced fiber-optic technology that delivers clear HD-like sound, FiOS® Digital Voice is rated #1 in call quality and reliability according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Make calls as often as you’d like and stay in touch with loved ones with unlimited calls that ensure you can always pick up a phone to stay connected.

A digital voice plan can complement the best Verizon FiOS deals on TV and Internet services. In order to take advantage of Verizon FiOS offers on many bundles, call and speak with one of our representatives today.

Digital Voice Availibility
best phone and internet deals

Make the switch today

With superior technology, affordable pricing, and top-notch Verizon FiOS tech support, it’s easy to see why Verizon Internet is rated #1 in value and reliability. Verizon is the best choice for your home and here are a few reasons why:

  • FiOS Internet is rated #1 in upload and download speed – 3 years in a row!1
  • Verizon offers the fastest Wi-Fi available from any provider4.
  • FiOS® TV is rated #1 in HD picture and signal reliability quality according to the 2014 American Customer Satisfaction index
  • FiOS® brings entertainment to the devices you use most.
50% off premium

More people choose
FiOS® TV than cable.


The fastest
Wi-Fi available

Based on Internet speed plans
and maximum router throughput available.

What is the best FiOS package?
What is the best
FiOS package?

Multiple bundle options are made available to meet your definition of “best”. Enhance your home’s entertainment experience with one of many suitable plans including the popular Verizon home phone and Internet or the all-encompassing Verizon FiOS Triple Play. With each plan enjoy such features as:

  • Up to 2 years of recurring monthly discounts
  • Choice of an agreement or a month-to-month plan

If you're on board for one, two, or all three FiOS services, you can view FiOS bundles here for current specials.

Verizon FiOS® is Wired for Sharing
Verizon FiOS is
wired for sharing

Powered by 100% fiber-optic technology, FiOS Internet brings the power and reliability of one of the most advanced networks to your home. With FiOS, get upload speeds as fast as your download speeds so you can upload photos, videos and more without slow downs.

Surf the web, email your friends and family, and stay current on all your social media profiles at once. Don’t settle for less than 100% of the Internet. Order Verizon FiOS online today!

Get Verizon now! Call 877.651.0283

People choose FiOS
over than cable

Unlike cable, FiOS provides a 100% fiber-optic connection directly to your home. Older coaxial cable networks simply cannot compete with FiOS' faster, more reliable technology.

Shown time and again by the Verizon FiOS speed tests by the FCC5, FiOS provides customers more speed than they pay for. Verify Verizon FiOS availability in your area to enjoy top notch service in Internet, TV, and home phone.

FiOS vs Cable

FiOS gives you 100%

Experts agree that FiOS® network technology is the Gold Standard for entertainment delivery. Verizon has invested in cutting-edge 100% fiber-optic technology. While AT&T uses both fiber optics and existing telephone copper wiring.

With FiOS, customers are able to achieve the highest HD TV quality and the fastest most reliable Internet speeds without worrying about data caps.

fios vs u-verse

Bundle & save
with FiOS!

When you bundle with Verizon you get:

  • The highest Internet speeds in the market
  • TV programming packages loaded with both standard definition and HD channels
  • Digital voice service that travels over a 99.9% reliable network

Satellite providers have to partner with other companies to provide full home service packages. With fiber technology, Verizon provides superior HD technology when compared to Satellite. With Verizon’s Quantum TV upgrades, you have America’s most advanced entertainment experience.

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Need assistance on how to order Verizon FiOS?

Start by calling our Verizon FiOS phone number and speak with a helpful representative that can guide you through Verizon
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