Fios is not cable.
Fiber optics moves
at the speed of light.

Fios Internet 50/50 Mbps
$49.99/mo Ø
for 1 year $59.99/mo for year 2 w/2-yr.agmt. Plus taxes, equip.charges and other fees.
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Verizon Fios QuantumSM Internet speed plans

Trade up! get faster speeds with Verizon Fios

If speed is of the essence, then you will find a speed that is right for you with Fios Internet. Experts believe that Fios® network technology is the Gold Standard for Internet and entertainment delivery. Fios services have received countless positive reviews. See how fast you can go with the standard or Fios Quantum speeds, available with many Verizon Fios Internet only deals.

Internet speed plans
Download 2-hr HD movie^
Upload 200 photos^
50/50 Mbps

Ideal for 3-5 devices at the same time

  • Share photos and files in a flash
  • Enjoy online gaming
  • Stream up to 5 HD videos simultaneously*
13.7 Minutes (5 GB)
40 Seconds (250 MB)
100/100 Mbps

Ideal for 5-7 devices at the same time

  • Upload and share videos on You Tube
  • Great for serious multi-user gaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • Stream up to 7 HD videos simultaneously*
6.8 Minutes (5 GB)
20 Seconds (250 MB)
150/150 Mbps

Ideal for working at home and for households needing more than 7 Internet devices at once

  • Upload large files to the cloud
  • Enjoy power gaming
  • Video conference with the whole family
4.6 Seconds (5 GB)
13.3 Seconds (250 MB)
300/300 Mbps

Ideal for households needing massive power and speed on many devices simultaneously

  • Run important backups, upload large files to the cloud, multi-player gaming
  • Powering multiple heavy-usage activities like medical devices and appliances
2.3 Minutes (5 GB)
6.7 Seconds (250 MB)
500/500 Mbps

For work, for play, for everything your household demands.

  • Blazing fast speeds for even the most hard-core internet users and all their devices
  • Multi-tasking, multi-user, multi-device uploading and downloading
1.4 Minutes (5 GB)
4 Seconds (250 MB)
How much is Verizon Fios Internet?

Checking online for Fios Internet availability and bundle pricing is easy. By speaking with a representative about the Verizon Fios Internet prices and promotions in your area, you will soon discover that with great and reliable services at affordably low costs, you really can have it all. Be sure to go online or call to speak with a trained expert to get Fios Internet today.

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What is Verizon Fios Internet?

The fastest2 and most reliable Internet available. Verizon Fios Internet plans make use of revolutionary fiber-optic technology to delivers a fast and reliable connection. Fiber-optic wires are made up of glass-like threads that make use of light signals to transfer data in a more effective manner than traditional cable lines. With Fios Internet, you can:

  • Connect multiple devices to your home network
  • Access some of the fastest download and upload speeds in the nation
  • Download a 2-hour HD movie (5GB) in less than 7 minutes with the 100/100 Mbps package^
  • And much more

Both Verizon Fios TV and Internet service are delivered on a fiber-to-the-home connection. That means that 100% of the benefits of this advanced network are delivered directly to your home. The Best Internet and TV deals are the ones that deliver the finest in entertainment and top speeds. Experience network technology that is the Gold Standard for Internet and entertainment delivery with Verizon.

Get more than just speed

Verizon Fios Internet packages come with the same upload and download speeds! Fios Internet service provides consistently fast speed, even during peak hours of the day. Don't settle for less than 100% of the Internet. Only Fios customers get upload speeds as fast as their download speeds. The perks of Fios Internet are not all you'll get when you sign up. You'll also get:

  • One free PC setup
  • 24-hour support by tech agents
  • Live online streaming on
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Fios Internet vs cable

Once you’ve experienced better, it’s hard to go back. From the affordable Verizon Fios internet costs, consistently fast speeds, and the reliable network, you can take your pick on the reasons it’s always on top. Check out these accolades earned by Fios services that cable companies just can’t compete with:

  • Rated #1 in Internet customer satisfaction*
  • Rated #1 in TV customer satisfaction**

With Verizon Fios Internet deals, you really can have it all. Treat yourself to more; you deserve it! If after reviewing plans you are still searching for additional savings, we encourage you to visit our bundles page in order to see what you can get for Internet and phone deals or bundle deals with all three services. Contact the toll-free number above to check for Verizon Fios availability. If you still have unanswered questions like “What is the best Fios package” or “What is the best Fios router”, we have trained representatives standing by to help you.