Fios Custom TV + Digital Voice

starting at
$64.99/mo *
for 1 year. $79.99/mo for year 2 plus taxes, equip. charges, RSN, FDV & other fees w/2-yr agmt*
  • 52 HD channels
  • 130K Fios On Demand titlesˆˆ
  • Home phone
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Crystal clear calling with Fios Digital Voice

What is Fios Digital Voice?

It’s an innovative new approach to home phone service that uses Voice over Internet protocol technology but works just like a traditional landline, only better. Traveling through advanced fiber-optic technology, Fios Digital Voice provides 99.9% network reliability. Expect great features from Fios Digital phone plus the consistency you expect from your phone provider. Fios Digital Voice integrates with Fios Internet and Fios® TV service to provide the ultimate home entertainment experience allowing you to control how you communicate with the world.

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Clarity & reliability

With Fios Digital Voice enjoy:
  • Online Account Manager service from any device with an Internet connection
  • 20 intelligent calling features at no additional cost, including Call Return and Caller ID
  • Unlimited calls in the U.S. that ensures you can pick up and stay connected

Five reasons to select Fios® Digital Voice

Get crystal clear voice quality and great features with Verizon Fios Digital Voice. Getting through to you will not be a problem for your closest friends and family members throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and now the Virgin Islands. You get unlimited nationwide calling and over 20 features at no extra charge plus:


When you order Verizon’s phone service, you can
enjoy the freedom of coming and going as you please.

  • With Call Forwarding, you can have all of your calls or select calls forwarded to an alternate phone number chosen by you.
  • Instantly receive three numbers where people can reach you.

Get the control and dependability you need.
Why be ordinary, when you can:

  • Manage the features and settings of your TV, computer and phone service through any device online.
  • Receive a text notification upon getting a new voice message

We combine affordable with great value. By selecting
Fios® Digital Voice, you are able to enjoy:

  • The calling features you want, the connection you need
  • The added benefit of a fixed monthly rate,
    regardless of how much you talk.
  • Low international rates available to you.

By choosing one of our Verizon home phone service plans,
you can easily set your phone to automatically:

  • Reject anyone who's blocked their caller ID information.
  • Directly block up to ten numbers at once from calling your phone.
  • Save all incoming or outgoing information into your call logs

Verizon Fios Voice gives you the power to manage
your account virtually anywhere.

  • Use the ultimate account management service to
    view billing and call log information.
  • Stay in charge of your telephone plan.
  • Sync your contacts and calendar straight to your mobile device.
With Verizon Phone service you can enjoy the added benefit of a fixed monthly rate, regardless of how much you talk.

Verizon presents Fios bundles

All Verizon bundles are backed by the powerful Fios® network so you can expect reliable services at an affordable rate with Triple Plays and with any Verizon Double Play. If you are looking for a more complete package, the Triple Play bundle encompasses Fios Internet, TV and Digital Voice all in one bill. Call and speak with one of our representatives today to go over the available features and prices.